Best time tracking software to boost your productivity [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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Hubstaff Time Tracking

If you’re looking for a time tracking software for your company, you might be interested in Hubstaff Time Tracking. The application has an activity view that allows you to see on what your team is currently working on. There’s support for automatic screenshots, and you can take up to three screenshots per 10 minutes. There’s also an activity level indicator that shows you how active your team is. We have to mention that you can also blur screenshots for privacy reasons if needed. The application also supports work notes that can provide additional information about the current activity. Hubstaff Time Tracking allows you to easily keep track of paid and unpaid hours for any project. The application also supports team payment, which is a rather useful feature.

The software can provide detailed reports, and you can see the necessary information with ease. Reports are generated automatically, and you can filter them by organization or project in order to find the necessary information. If needed, you can also download your report in PDF format or email it to your colleagues.

Hubstaff Time Tracking allows you to create user roles, and you can also assign pay rate for each user. We also have to mention that the application offers integration with more than 30 services. Hubstaff Time Tracking has a lightweight application that will keep track of your work at all times. The application is available for all major desktop platforms, and there’s also Android and iOS version available.


Another time tracking software that we have to mention is Harvest. This application has a simple and intuitive interface, so you can easily keep track of your working hours. Harvest is available for desktop platforms, but there are also versions for iOS and Android. The application has a powerful report system that allows you to keep track of your projects in real time.

The application also supports expense logging, so you can easily keep track on your finances with this app. In fact, you can also add expenses to your invoices. Harvest supports invoicing and it works with flexible billing rates. In addition, the application has support for automated payment reminders and online payment. There’s also support for timesheet approval, so you can easily view and approve your team’s time and expenses. You can also send reminders to the employees that forget to track their time. The application also works with more then 50 other services, thus allowing you to easily enhance this application with new features.

Harvest has three available pricing plans. The free plan is perfect for single users, but it’s limited to only two projects. Solo plan removes this limitation and it allows single users to have unlimited projects available. Lastly, the Team plan allows you to have unlimited number of team members and projects. Keep in mind that Solo and Team plans require a yearly or monthly fee.


Another useful time tracking software is Freckle. This software is simple to use and it allows you to have unlimited projects. We have to mention that the application supports multi-currency invoicing, which is rather useful if you’re working with foreign clients. The application is available as a web application, but you can also access it on major mobile platforms. Freckle offers hourly backups and SSL security thus keeping your important information encrypted.

The application offers detailed reports and weekly timesheets, and you can also keep track of unbillable time. Another useful feature that we have to mention is expense tracking. Regarding reports, you can export them to PDF, Excel and CSV file formats. Freckle also supports project synchronization with Bascamp. In addition, you can also import data from other time tracking application.

It’s worth mentioning that you can connect Freckle with more than 500 third-party apps by using Zapier. Freckle is not a free service, and it comes with four pricing plans available. There’s a solo plan for individual users, but there are also other plans for smaller and larger companies. Different plans offer different features, so before choosing a plan be sure to check if it offers the necessary features.


If you’re looking for a time tracking software, you might want to consider ClickTime. The application allows you to view your timesheets online, thus allowing you to easily track your working hours. Using this application you can also easily view expenses. Thanks to this feature you can upload receipts, approve expenses and manage budgets easily. ClickTime also allows you to manage and keep track of your employees. There’s also an extensive report system available. Thanks to this feature you can view more than 70 prebuilt reports. If needed, you can also create new reports with ease.

ClickTime is available on Android and iOS, and you can easily keep track of time and view reports from any mobile device. Speaking of reports, you can easily export data to a CSV file or view real-time data feed in Excel, Google Sheets and other applications.

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