Todoist Launches its Official Windows 10 App

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The Todoist app for Windows 10 was announced on 14th November, and now, after three days, the popular task management tool has been officially introduced to Windows 10 users. For now, the app is released in the form of Preview, and it isn’t available on Windows 10 Mobile yet, but this version will be presented later, developers promise.

The new Todoist app is bringing a native experience that people used in the web-based application, to its Windows 10 users. The app is well designed, and it includes a lot of useful features to improve your productivity. Some of the basic features that this app includes are: the ability to create a task, add something to your to-do list, the ability to write comments, inline editing, scheduled reminders, and more.

There are also some Windows 10-specific features, like live tiles support and interactive notifications, that will make this app more natural in Windows 10 environment.

todoist windows 10 1

There are also some Todoist premium features that are not available in the Preview version of the app, like automatic backups, productivity tracker, task search, etc. So, if you’re interested to buy a premium version of Todoist, you can check out the deals on this link

Earlier this year, Todoist acquired TaskCrunch for Windows Phone, which was a popular third-party app for Windows Phone 8.1. Since the acquisition, the developer of TaskCrunch app, Jan Kratochvil (who now serves as the Head of Windows at Todoist) has been working on the Todoist Windows 10 app, which is now finally released.

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It is well known that Microsoft cares a lot about the productivity of users in Windows 10, and now, with this handy and well-designed task management app, users can handle all their obligations and events, and organize their daily schedule easier.

You can download Todoist Preview for Windows 10 for free from Windows Store.


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