Toshiba Display Utility blocks Windows 10 Creators Update install

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The Toshiba Display Utility is a program that allows users to change the text size on the display and in the title bar of Windows. The tool also gives users the option to automatically change the mouse pointer speed based on the text size setting. At the same time, it provides automatic control to optimize display color.

The Toshiba Display Utility is an important tool for all Toshiba computer owners. Unfortunately, the tool is currently not compatible with the Creators Update.

Toshiba Display Utility blocks Creators Update

The Toshiba Display Utility is currently not supported on Windows 10 Creators Update. If you have this app installed on your device, you won’t receive the update and will be prevented from installing the Creators Update.

If you’ve tried to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest OS, but the upgrade process got stuck or failed with a specific error message, the Toshiba Display Utility may be the culprit.

To upgrade your computer, you need to uninstall the tool. You can then go to the Creators Update software download site and try to install the update again.

However, before you hit the upgrade button, make sure that your computer supports the Creators Update. Fortunately, Toshiba has already published a list of all its devices that support the latest Windows version.

Checking your device’s compatibility with the Creators Update is extremely important.  If your machine doesn’t support the Creators Update, you may encounter severe technical issues. The problems may eventually force you to roll back to a previous functional Windows version.

It’s possible that the devices running the Toshiba Display Utility could become compatible with Microsoft’s latest OS in the near future. The Redmond giant said that “The Toshiba Display Utility is currently not supported on Windows 10 Creators Update”. This means that the two companies may be already working to develop a hotfix for this incompatibility.



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