Total Defense 3D Lands on Windows 8, an Entertaining Tower Defense Game

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There are plenty awesome tower defense-like games for Windows 8 users out there, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. Here’s a new game, simply entitled ‘Total Defense 3D’. Let’s have a look at its main features.
total defense windows 8 game
Total Defense 3D is a cool tower defense game for Windows 8 which comes with a smashing gameplay coupled with an exciting story. Total Defense 3D is also available for Windows Phone 8 as an universal game, which means you buy it one time and play on phone, tablet or PC. So if you like tower defense games, then you need to give it a look.

Total Defense 3D is one of the best tower defense games for Windows 8

total defense windows 8.1 game

Let’s have a look how the official description of the game sounds like:

This state of the art strategy will unleash a cascade of new RTS and RPG features as you drown in the intensive battles across the unknown universe! Get ready to immerse into the action set in a faraway galaxy where people are languishing under the rule of the cruel Tyrant. You are the only hope and savior for those starving and dying because of unbearable taxes. Rise against the Imperial army and free all the planets in the galaxy system!

In future updates, there will be a survival mode added to the game, as well, which will be even more entertaining. The game comes with amazing graphics and free camera view, the ability to bomb bridges, destroy monuments, block passages for maximum tactical advantage. You can accomplish 22 exciting story-driven missions and develop five sets of skills.

There are 3 difficulty modes appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers and a futuristic soundtrack to amplify your sci-fi gaming experience. It comes with a size of only 40 megabytes, so go ahead and follow the link from below to download it.

Download Total Defense 3D for Windows 8

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