Total War: THREE KINGDOMS fans require a Gengis Kan DLC

by Milan Stanojevic
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total war three kingdoms dlc speculations

Some Steam users made some speculations concerning Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.

The new real-time strategy game from Total War series is set to be released on May 23, 2019.

Like the name says it, the game is set in the Three Kingdoms period and you can control one of the twelve factions in China to defeat the other eleven and to become the ruler of the entire country.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Gengis Kan DLC

An user put forth the following ideas regarding what to expect:

1) DLC Legion Lost: could recreate the theoretically encounter between China and Rome allowing the player to recruit in a certain area units of the old Roman Republic. I recommend the trilogy of Ben Kane on the forgotten legion and the books of Santiago Posteguillo that deal with this subject.
2) DLC Gengis Kan: recreate the exploits of this great emperor.
3) DLC that enlarge the map: adding to Korea and Japan.
4) DLC War of the Opium: here could not be the romance mode, I feel that it does not fit, it would be a DLC or rather expansion similar to the fall of the samuria.

Other users are somewhat skeptical regarding these speculations. Still, the encounter between China and Rome should add a lot to the dynamics of the entire Total War series.

The idea to fend off Mongol hordes should stimulate Total War players, but we’re talking about a different time frame here. Meanwhile, having both Japan and Korea on an enlarged map should play well.

Also, the War of the Opium is the same as the Mongol invasion — different time period with distinct historical context.

What are your thoughts regarding these speculations? Let us know in the comments below.


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