Popular BitTorrent client Transmission comes to Windows users

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Here’s an excellent piece of news for all Windows users:: the popular torrent client Transmission is now available for the Windows platform. After a long time of exclusivity with the Mac and Linux OS, the well-used app finally arrives for the Windows OS.

The Windows version of Transmission is similar to those already available on Mac and Linux as far as user interface and features are concerned. However, its developers are currently working on adapting BitTorrent to Windows, and it’s quite certain we’ll soon enjoy new features specific to Windows as developer Mike Gelfand revealed to TorrentFreak:

The only difference right now is that it runs on Windows. We’ll see how it goes, some features could be added later on which are specific to Windows and aren’t needed on other platforms.

The developer added that the team decided to make this BitTorrent client compatible to Windows when they realized many people were willing to use Transmission on Windows after they had used it on other platforms. Many Windows users contacted the Transmission team trying to find an alternative to their BitTorrent client on Windows, sending strong signals about their willingness to use this torrent client.

This is a very smart move considering that Windows is the world’s largest desktop platform. Transmission is a very popular community-driven application that allows users to download files at fast speeds. Transmission is free software and included are series of useful features such as:

  • assigning downloading priorities
  • blocking for bad peers
  • multiple trackers usage
  • remote control via a built-in web server
  • encrypted connection
  • bandwidth limits

The app is so popular that is has become the default torrent on Linux. The user experience is seamless, the interface is very well designed and intuitive, and there are no advertisements unlike other torrent apps. If you are curious about the app, you can download Transmission from here free of charge.

What new features could Transmission’s developers add to its Windows-specific version? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!



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