Users request transparent back icons for Windows Defender

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Microsoft launched Windows 10 back in 2015. This version of Windows faced many ups and downs as far as the bugs are concerned.

We have not seen any major changes to the operating system’s interface over the past few years.

However, there are some obvious glitches in the UI design. The UI redesign is a work in progress and that is why you may see some annoying design issues.

Recently, one Reddit user highlighted the fact that new Windows 10 icons are not transparent. He shared the image of the Windows Defender icon that started a long discussion on the issue.

The existing icon looks like this.

Windows Defender Icon transparency issues

The reports suggest that users have experienced this issue only on updated machines and it does not appear on a clean install.

Users said that it is unlikely for a big firm like Microsoft to ignore these issues. Others blame that on the lack of competency from designers’ part.

 Did you know that Windows 10 icons will have rounded corners next year?

Many more issues go unnoticed

It looks like the list of UI issues in Windows 10 does not end here. There are many more down the line.

One Redditor reported about an issue with the notification drawer. 

When you click the icon to open the notification drawer, the drawer opens, stops when it fully opens, and only then does the transparency kick in, as opposed to looking like it should from the time it opens. Once you notice it, it’s virtually impossible to not after that.

It’s really disappointing that Microsoft didn’t bother to fix the issue in Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Look at the transparency glitch with the notification drawer… They went an entire update (1903) without fixing it and that’s on the desktop. UI issues are far down their priority list.

It’s not like Microsoft is totally ignoring UI issues. The tech giant fixed some of the issues that existed in the previous versions.

The recent Insider builds fixed an issue related to the laggy emoticon/character selector in Windows 10 v1903. 

But the company definitely needs more time to fix all the UI issues reported so far.

Windows users hope that Microsoft prioritizes fixing these minor UI issues in Windows 10.

Comment down below if you have seen any icons like this.



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