TuneIn Radio Windows 10 app is now available on Windows 10 Mobile

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TuneIn Radio debuted its official app for Windows 10 last year for PCs and tablets. After its latest update, the TuneIn Windows 10 app has finally gone Universal in addition to the debut of its Windows 10 Mobile version. So, users can now listen to free radio stations on any Windows 10-powered device.

Since TuneIn is now a Universal app for Windows 10, the Windows 10 Mobile version basically contains the same features as its PC counterpart. You can listen to more than 100,000 radio stations worldwide divided into various categories like Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Talk, Sport, and many more.

Here are the featurs of the TuneIn Windows 10 app:

  • “Search for a song, artist or show to find radio stations around the world playing it live
  • Add stations, songs, and shows to your favorites
  • Play your programs in the background while you use other apps”

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Improved Cortana integration has yet to come

Unfortunately, it looks like the Windows 10 Mobile version still doesn’t feature full Cortana integration, unlike the Desktop version. When we tried to open the app with Cortana on our Windows 10 Mobile device, it delivered web results and prompted us to open the TuneIn website. However, when we clicked ‘open radio,’ Cortana asked us to choose between TuneIn and Windows 10 Mobile’s default FM radio, giving users a way to open the app with Cortana indirectly.

This is the very first version of the Windows 10 Mobile app so we expect a lot more improvements, including enhanced Cortana integration, to come in upcoming updates. Until then, you can enjoy your favorite radio station on the go — it’s completely free! You can download the latest version of the TuneIn app for Windows 10 on your PC, tablet or phone from the Store.


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