TVPlayer Windows 10 app brings UK television into your life

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If you’re dying to get some more UK television into your routine, we might just have what you need.  TVPlayer is a service that deals with UK TV and through this service, you can get access to an array of channels and TV programs that come in multiple packages.

Now, TVPlayer just got a lot better because it received support for Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform. Not only will you be able to use TVPlayer on your Windows 10 PC but also with Windows 10 mobile device to stream both free and paid content. Here, Microsoft’s unified platform support shines as it lets users watch shows from the comfort of their home and switch at a moment’s notice to a mobile viewing device when required.


Similar to how a regular cable TV service work, you can switch from program to program until you find something you want to watch. Also, you can get on-screen information that will tell you more about what you’re watching and what’s coming up next.

If you’d rather have an ensemble look at everything’s that’s available at any given time, you can achieve that through the service’s Live section. The premium package includes channels such as Comedy Central and will start from a reasonable 6GBP per month, but you also get a free month to try out the service and get an idea of what’s it all about. After all, the best part of figuring out whether you like something is trying it out.

Minimalistic and efficient

The app doesn’t come with a lot of fancy sparkling tools and prefers to keep everything simple. And you know what? Sticking to that has made it better for it because it allows users to have a clear view of what they want to do when using it.



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