Tweetium App Updated with Full Support for Windows 10 

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The official Tweetium app for Windows 10 has been updated with full support for the newewst operating system. It has been updated with new features, as well. Here are more details on this.

tweetium windows 10 app

Tweetium is definitely one of the best third-party Twitter clients there are, and this goes for its Windows client, as well. Although Twitter has come up with a brand new official app for Windows 10 users, there are still many out there still relying on Tweetium thanks to its extra features.

Now Tweetium has been updated to version number to 4.0 and more recently to 4.0.1. This is a huge update and has made its way onto the Windows Store about the same time it has been released for iOS and Android users. So here are all the new features, as well as improvements and bug fixes that were released with version 4.0:

  • First Windows 10 release
  • New photographic theme options
  • Interactive toast notifications for Pro users
  • “Column mode” option lets you use the vertical layout at any size (multiple column support for this mode is coming soon)
  • Higher resolution image previews are now supported
  • New options to control image previews separately for WiFi/LAN versus cellular/metered networks
  • Improved position restoration and loading+scrolling behaviors
  • Improved window resizing behavior and a streamlined navbar for small window sizes
  • UI updates to match Win10 style
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Soon after version 4.0 was deplayed, the guys over at Tweetium quickly came with version 4.0.1, most likely to fix the issued caused by the new major version, and the official changelog confirms it:

  • Fix crashes on Win10 Mobile Preview when signing out or adding an account
  • Fixed the command bar being covered by the phone nav bar on phones without hardware buttons
  • Restored color emoji support
  • Updated link and image context menus to new menu style
  • Made thread view backgrounds opaque on mobile for now
  • Fixed some sizing issues especially on mobile
  • Some general font size tweaks

The app currently has an average customer rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, which means most of its users are quite satisfied with its performance. Therefore, go ahead and follow this link to download it on your own Windows device and let us know what’s your take on it.

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