Twitter App for Windows 10 Gets Quote Tweet, Multiple Account Handling & Other Features

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Twitter has been revamped with a new version once Windows 10 has been released. Also, recently, we’ve seen an important update being released for both PC and mobile users, as well.
twitter windows app update
The official Twitter Windows 10 app has now been updated with a couple of features that were missing since the end of July. Thus, multiple account support and the option to quote tweets have been added. However, version notes of the official app list the following:

  • Groups for Direct Messages: Have a private conversation with a group of your favorite people
  • We’ve made it easier to add your own comments to other people’s Tweets
  • You can now add and switch between multiple Twitter accounts
  • View and subscribe to lists, you can find them on the profiles page
  • Unsent Tweets will now be saved to drafts

Twitter for Windows 10 gets some long overdue features

However, the update available in the Windows Store doesn’t come with a change log, but after deploying the latest version, you will notice that you can now quote tweets. Windows 10 users can now retweet or quote the original tweet to add a comment.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to handle multiple accounts, manage and view lists, and browse a new “happening now” with popular tweets and topics. The updated app is now almost as complete as it is for other mobile platforms, but by the looks of it, Twitter is slowly but surely getting there.

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