Twitter adds native GIF support to its Windows 10 app

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Twitter introduced native GIF support to its official Android and iPhone apps back in June 2014 to break away from its reliance on the third-party app Giphy. The update, however, did not include Windows Phones. Users of Microsoft’s platform still had to resort to Giphy still to view and share animated GIFs. That changes now: Twitter has pushed out a new update to the Windows Store that finally brings native support for GIFs.

Previously, the Twitter app for Windows 10 allowed users to ony embed GIFs that came from the user’s device into tweets. Furthermore, users needed then to share GIFs like an attachment. The new update now lets users create a tweet and look for GIF animations from within the app using the dedicated GIF button. GIFs make for drafting tweets a bit more spirited with the addition of animations to your rants.

The latest Twitter app for Windows 10 is now in version 5.4.0 and you can download it now from the Windows Store. Like other image formats, GIFs do not count against the 140-character limit for Twitter posts.

The update also comes with a new notification option that lets users know the things “happening in the world”. That means the updated app now delivers news stories in real time right to your screen. By default, Twitter enabled the option to send users breaking news and event alerts, but there’s an option to also turn the function off.

Other subtle enhancements to the official Twitter app for Windows 10 include a shifted tweet button and a link to the feedback page. While this is a welcome development, users have yet to see personal Twitter Moments feature on Windows Phones.

Twitter just introduced the first Universal Windows Platform version of its core app to the Windows 10 Mobile platform in March of this year, so it’s likely the service will gradually roll out features already available on other platforms to Windows 10 Mobile in the coming months.

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