Twitter app for Windows 10 is revived as a PWA

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Twitter used to have a UWP app for Windows 10, and it’s safe to say that it was kind of abandoned because it hasn’t received any updates or feature additions for quite a while now.

It didn’t even receive support for the increase in the character numbers from 160 to 240 as it was supposed to.

You can find Twitter again in the Microsoft Store

Now, the app was brought back from the dead, and it’s available for download in the Microsoft Store. Now, Twitter is a Progressive Web App aka PWA. Twitter’s user interface is identical to the PWA that is offered on mobile devices, and the app comes with all the features that Twitter provides on the web as well.

In other words, any changes and updates that are made to the service would be immediately mirrored on the Windows 10 application as well. The app comes with support for push notifications but, on the other hand, but there’s no Dark Mode included anymore in the app and this may be confusing especially if you decide to use a dark theme for Windows.

What else is new

Other new features added to the app include the fact that periscopes can now be played additionally with support for 360 Periscopes. Also, you can easily find featured live events at the top of the home timeline, and there will be notifications for when the events go live.


As we already said, the update has already been rolled out to the Microsoft Store, and you can get the app from there for free if you are running a Redstone 4 build. On the first run, you will have to sign in again to get the app. It seems that this is only the first PWAs that will enter the Microsoft Store this year. Twitter app is available on PC, mobiles devices, and HoloLens as well.



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