Twitter app for Xbox One is no longer available starting today

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The official Twitter app for the Xbox One was launched with trumpets and drumrolls back in 2016 and now Twitter is abruptly killing it. The app made a lot of goodies available for users such as live streaming video on Twitter, and more content such as top Tweets and top global Vines and Periscopes.

May 24 marks the end of Twitter Xbox app

Twitter released the sad news that they will terminate the app for Xbox, along with the Twitter apps for Roku and Android TV. The company is recommending users to head over to the official website if they want to continue accessing the Twitter experience.

Assumptions regarding the company’s reasons

The decision of the app’s closure comes right at a time when Twitter is trying to steer its users to the first-party mobile apps and the desktop website. The reasons for which Twitter decided to make this move are not very clear, but one can still guess. We think that for a company it must be pretty annoying to have to support a broader ecosystem of apps where only some of them have their niche audience. On the other hand, in some cases, niche users can be the heaviest and the most influential ones.

Twitter has been steadily expanding the live streaming video content during the past year, and its TV apps were a way to get the video in front of a television audience who wants to see some sports matches, significant events, and other various entertainment options.

It might also be that none of Twitter’s apps have enough traction anymore especially considering that its apps had to compete for attention with enormous streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.

Another guess is that Twitter decided to put an end to the app because it’s been working towards the GDPR compliance and it might have decided that the app and the other ones that are being killed are not worthy of the company’s time and attention in that direction.

User feedback is mixed, as some users don’t seem to care about the change, while others are saying that they like that Twitter is replacing all their natives on all platforms with PWA (progressive web apps).



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