Microsoft can still see what you type in Chromium Incognito Mode

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Windows 10 private typed text Chromium

Microsoft is finally ready to give up on tracking your online activities during a private browsing session on Chromium browsers.

Most of Google Chrome users think that no one is tracking their online activities in Incognito mode. However, Windows is secretly tracking each and every word you are typing into Chrome.

As a matter of fact, Windows provides autocorrect and autocomplete suggestions based on what it learns from your typing habits.

Users are now even more concerned about their data privacy compared to the past. This shift in user attitude forced Microsoft to change its existing practices.

The tech giant decided to stop tracking your online activities. Your Incognito mode data will now be completely private.

The company plans to first test this change on Chromium before applying it on Google Chrome. This recent move is important keeping in mind that Microsoft is currently testing its Chromium-based Edge.

Microsoft is heavily investing its time and resources into the development of the new Edge browser. The original Microsoft Edge failed to impress Windows users. The tech giant is now working hard to provide users with a better user experience this time.

This feature is only available on Windows 10

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft’s engineers submitted the change and it is currently under review. In fact, some built-in features in Windows and Chromium already support treating typed text as private.

However, Microsofts needs to link both of them to work well. Moreover, Windows 10 uses “IS_PRIVATE” attribute to isolate text. Chromium uses a tag named “shouldDoLearning” to learn patterns from the text.

Notably, this method will not work on previous versions of Windows. Microsoft is specifically encouraging Windows 7 users to switch to Windows 10. Maybe this  is another method Microsoft is using to push its users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Hence, this feature guarantees complete privacy as your Chromium browsers will not store the text you typed in incognito mode.

The browser will delete all cache information along with your cookies and web history. It remains to be seen when Microsoft is going to implement this change. It is expected that the Canary versions will get an early preview by the end this year. 


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