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Probably the most popular on-demand taxi service in the world, Uber, finally presented its official app for Windows 10. After announcing the new addition to the Windows Store, and partnering with Cortana, the new Uber app is finally available on Windows 10 devices.

It can be used on smartphones and tablets, but you can also request your taxi from a PC, which is the first time you can book a cab without using your phone. Also, the app will have the same features, regardless of the type of device, only the interface will differ.

As we said, the app will have Cortana support on all devices, which means that you’ll be able to use Windows 10’s virtual assistant to order a cab to a certain place, as it will do all the work, you just have to set a destination. Also, Uber Live Tile in the Start Menu will show you the time left for your booked taxi to arrive, so you’ll know how much time you have to prepare for the trip.

“Building out the Windows 10 Uber app has been very exciting for our team. We worked to upgrade the Windows 8 app to support the best of Windows 10 while also imagining the tablet and PC experiences, so that users could initiate rides from all devices. We can’t wait for you to try it out!” Uber wrote in a blog post.

Uber is the biggest private taxi company in the world, which operates in more than 50 countries and 300 cities worldwide. Although Uber’s services are very popular, the company also receives some negative feedback, because its drivers are not certified, but discussion about Uber’s services is a story for another time.

Since Uber is a really popular app, Microsoft will have a lot of benefits from its new Windows 10 app, as more users will be encouraged to download it from the Store. But, Uber will see benefits as well, because more than 150 people run Windows 10 on their devices, which means a lot of new potential customers.

Additionally, to celebrate the new partnership with Microsoft, Uber says it will give every new user from Windows from The US a free first ride (if the overall bill is $20 or less). If you want to get a first ride, try the code MSFTWIN10 in the PROMOTIONS tab to activate the offer.

Official Uber app is now available, and you can download it from Windows Store for free.


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