Ultra HD 4K Netflix comes to Windows 10 PCs with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors

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While Netflix already supports ultra HD 4K streaming on several TVs and set-top boxes, the same high-quality stream quality has been a no-show on Windows 10 PCs. Well, that changes now as Netflix 4K streaming has finally arrived on Windows 10.

Netflix announced in a blog post that it is making its huge library of TV shows and movies in 4K available to PC owners across the globe.

“For the last several years, we’ve been working with our partners across the spectrum of CE devices to add support for the richer visual experience of 4K.  Since launching on Smart TVs in 2014, many different devices can now play our 4K content, including Smart TVs, set top boxes and game consoles.  We are pleased to add Windows 10 and 7th Gen Intel Core CPUs to that list.”

However, it seems you won’t be able to stream ultra HD content if you’re using an old PC. Netflix noted that the 4K support is only available for Intel’s 7th generation Core processors, also known as Kaby Lake. That means you’ll need to upgrade to hardware equipped with new Intel processors to stream 4K content.

4K streaming support is made possible through Microsoft’s updated Edge browser. Microsoft and Intel closely collaborated to enable 4K on their platforms. For its part, Intel introduced support for the 10-bit HEVC, a new codec required to stream 4K. The chip maker also added hardware-based content security to its latest CPUs. Meanwhile, Microsoft brought HTML5 video support to Edge to make it compatible with Intel’s latest processors. The result is an improved Netflix experience according to the popular streaming service.

Netflix vowed to expand 4K support to other devices in collaboration with its partners. If you are on a Windows 10 PC, you can download or update to the latest version of the Netflix app now to stream ultra HD movies and TV shows including Stranger Things, The Crown, and Marvel’s Luke Cage.



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