Update KB3124262 for Windows 10 Woes: Failed Installs, Reboots & More

by Ivan Jenic
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Windows 10 cumulative update KB3124262 has been released today, and users are experiencing problems even before they installed it. Actually, the update fails to install for some users.

Well this is not a so unexpected issue, because cumulative updates occasionally fail to install, so if you’re not familiar with the situation, this isn’t the first time users have problems with downloading a cumulative update. But, just because this isn’t the first time, Microsoft should already come up with a fix, which isn’t the case.

Wait for Another Cumulative Update

After the installation of KB3124262 fails, you’ll be offered to install the update over and over again, so it’s an endless circle. And unless you remove the patch, you’re going to get the error message all the time.

Here’s what one user reported on Microsoft forums:

“The two most recent Cumulative Updates for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64 System KB3124262 and KB3124263 have downloaded Ok but on Restart they have each frozen my computer at 30%. After waiting for an hour or so I forced a reboot on both occasions. Computer then rebooted Ok, but both Cumulative updates still sit in Windows Update awaiting a restart, even though the computer has been restarted many times.”

There are users who say that this update failed to install and gave error 0x80070020:

Both the previous cumulative update (KB3124263) and the most recent (KB3124262) fail to install and show error 0x80070020. I’ve run the various Windows troubleshooters and the bat that resets the Update History but the update still fails.

We don’t have a workaround for this issue right now, and as we learned from past, Microsoft probably won’t deliver a fix. But the good thing with this update is that it’s a cumulative update, which means that the next cumulative update will contain all bug fixes and improvements from this update, so maybe the best option is to just wait for the next cumulative update for Windows 10.

Other issues caused by KB3124262

Failed installs aren’t the single errors caused by this specific update. There are Windows 10 users complaining about how their Start button became inoperable:

When the latest windows cumulative updates install my start button becomes inoperable until I uninstall the updates. Windows continues to automatically reinstall them however which requires frequent uninstalling, does anybody have suggestions on what I should do.

Somebody else says he is getting the 0x8e5e0152 error:

I’m not able to install the new Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems KB3124262. Got Error code 0X8E5E0152. Need assistance.

There are users who say that after installing KB3124262 on their Windows 10 laptop, they get continously prompted to reboot the system. One user is complaining that his desktop is gone, however weird that might sound:

Auto-installed this today and my desktop is gone. Instead I have three tiles in the middle of the screen and all of the Win icons are gone. When I find the link to the desktop in the windows thingy in the lower left corner it does nothing. Everything (browsers, applications) all launch in full screen mode and can not be resized or moved around. New icons all over the screen that do nothing or just take you back to your three special tiles.

There are even users who said they lost files, pictures, and download folders after installing KB3124262 update on Windows 10. There are several who claim that this particular update has disabled their Elan touchpad.

However, if you really want to install cumulative update KB3124262 on your computer, you can try to install it manually by downloading a x86 version from this link, or x64 from this link.

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