UniShare is now a Universal app on Windows 10

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UniShare is a popular Windows Phone device that has been available on this platform for quite a while. This application allows users to easily share content via connected social networks. To make things even better, you can share files across multiple networks at the same time with just a few taps.

The developer has finally turned this application into a Universal Windows Platform, which means that you will be able to use it on a computer that runs on Windows 10 OS.

Currently, though, some of the features found on the old version of the application are missing and it is not yet sure when exactly those features will finally be added to this new UWP version since a release date is unknown.

UniShare – Universal Windows Platform: Features

– Ability to share up to 10 networks (more to come)
– Basic version supports the following networks: Twitter – single account, Facebook and LinkedIn (personal account)
– Pro version supports Twitter (up to 3 accounts), Facebook and LinkedIn (personal account plus pages that you are a contributor or admin), Pocket, Tumblr, Path, Slack, Geeklist
– Ability to pick from a range of picture upload packages (from 5 pics for free, up to unlimited)
– Ability to create and use sharing profiles in order to easily reach the right audience for your content
– Ability to mention the users that you are following on Twitter, your team members on Slack or your Facebook friends
– Many more features to be released in the near future

Have you installed the UniShare application on your Windows 10 PC? Tell us your thoughts about it!



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