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Although primarily a software company, Microsoft has quite a few hardware devices in the pipeline for the next few years. There has been a lot of speculation about upcoming Surface devices from the Redstone company. One Microsoft watcher has now leaked a codename for an upcoming Microsoft device, which might be a new Surface tablet.

The Microsoft watcher Walking Cat revealed the codename Lingo for a device on Twitter. There he also leaked that a Surface Lingo device will have numerous accessories codenamed Gibson and Lexington. Walking Cat states, “Lingo is most likely a device, while Gibson/Lexington most likely accessories for it.

The Gibson accessory could be a Type Cover. Type Covers are keyboards that attach to tablets to convert them to laptops. The Type Cover accessory will come in platinum, cobalt blue and burgundy colors.

The Lingo is expected to be a new Microsoft Surface tablet. Bloomberg has reported that Microsoft will release a budget 10-inch Surface tablet later this year. If that is the case, the Surface Lingo will be an alternative tablet to the Apple iPad. The Lingo will probably primarily be a tablet that you can utilize as a 2-in-1 laptop with its Gibson Type Cover accessory.

The reputed specifications for the Lingo tablet highlight that it will include 64 to 128 GB storage. The tablet might be based on Intel architecture, and it will also include a USB-C slot instead of Surface Connector. The tablet’s battery might last for about nine hours without recharge.

The Lingo might not be the only Surface device Microsoft releases later this year. Andromeda is the codename for a dual-screen device Microsoft might release before the end of 2018. Andromeda is speculated to be a foldable Surface Phone that users can also utilize as a tablet when unfolded. The image below includes a design concept for Andromeda.

Beyond 2018, Microsoft is also expected to launch a Surface Pro 6 next year, codenamed Carmel. That might be a heavily redesigned Surface Pro model with an eighth gen Intel CPU. The rumor mill suggests that the Pro 6 will include USB-C ports much the same as the Surface Lingo.

So Microsoft might soon unleash a new wave of Windows 10 Surface devices to take on Apple’s tablets, phones and mobiles. The Lingo tablet will be among the most economical Surface devices to date.


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