Update Files KB3105210, KB3106932 Fail to Install and Cause Other Issues

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I know that we are a few days behind the schedule with this story, but only today did I download these particular update files and it seems I too have several problems. KB3105210 and KB3106932 were part of the cumulative update Microsoft released a couple of days ago and it seems that most users are complaining about various problems with the install not going through.

The majority of those who wanted to download and install these said KB files haven’t been able to complete the installation process. However, many others complain about various other functionalities gone wrong. Here’s what a few of them have been saying:

  • the Cumulative Update for Windows KB3105210 has failed with errorCode 0x80073712
  • updates KB3105210 and KB3106932 are permanently locking screen after 20 mins while watching videos
  • Windows update KB3105210 updated successfully, but appears to have played havoc with my local network and am now unable to connect my phones to my wifi in the house
  • I have failed to install 3 cumulative Updates. KB3105210 is the newest one I fail to install. When I tried to install these updates, the computer shows that “We couldn’t complete the updates Undoing Changes Don’t turn off your computer”, and the installation fails
  • Update KB3105210 keeps failing to install …don’t know which part does not work. I’ve tried Windows Update troubleshooter and manually reset windows component
  • Windows is downloading KB3105210 for days now. It will not complete the download. How can I stop it or remove it?
  • Update KB3105210 Makes the system super slow and laggy
  • Cumulative Update KB3105210 also fails and undoes changes
  • After update KB3105210 and KB3106932 explorer no longer connects to the internet
  • After kb3105210, SSMS and Visual Studio require “Run as Admin” to connect to SQL
  • Start menu won’t open + Windows Update : Error 0x80070020 update KB3105210
  • Everytime I download cumulative updates (specifically the most recent one KB 3105210), my computer generates BSoDs with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR
  • After Window 10 Update KB3106932 & KB3105210, Outlook closes

Windows 10 users have been reporting about other related issues, such as random restarting, making the system slow, update loop, loss of connectivity, various BSODs, problems with Outlook and the mail app, and so on. What about you, are you still being affected by these particular update files? Leave your input below and let us know.

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I bought this laptop from Costco last week, it is the floor model so a few months old. I have 6 updates pending, kb3105210 is the oldest. Settings->Updates says ‘waiting for download’ but this never occurs. The progress bar said 77% earlier today, then suddenly went back to 0% and now no progress. Costco’s tech support say ‘wait until the updates complete before we’ll look at any other issues’. It’s been 4 days since we did a factory reboot, these 6 still aren’t completing. How long should I wait???? Is there a manual way to do these updates? The email tool won’t allow me to sync one of my gmail accounts, and chrome today started taking 10 minutes to open the window.

mine tried to install these 2 updates kb3106932 & kb3105213 and it said can’t install updates undoing updates don’t turn off computer. then it crashed my hole computer can had to get it backup with the emergency cd. whats going on!!!!

I am unemployed at home. I am not working. I just wanted to get Windows 10 for free. Z!