Update KB3182373 takes space off the disk but doesn’t install

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The latest Patch Tuesday flight brings many important security updates fixing a series of critical vulnerabilities in all Windows editions. The most severe vulnerabilities can even allow remote code execution, which means that hackers could take complete control of the affected system, install programs, view, change, delete data and create new accounts with full user rights.

Therefore it is essential to install the latest cumulative updates as soon as possible. However, according to user reports, the latest security updates also bring issues of their own. More specifically, users can’t install the KB3182373 update, aimed at fixing a major Microsoft Silverlight vulnerability.

Users can’t install cumulative update KB3182373

Have tried to update this several times….can’t.  Seems like everytime I try, it takes space off my C disc and it still does not install.

It appears that users manage to install some parts of the KB3182373 update on their computers, but somehow installation doesn’t complete and the update cannot be fully installed.

Unfortunately, the user who reported this issue hasn’t offered any details about the update resource he used: Windows Update, the Windows Update Catalog or the Microsoft Download Center. In case this situation happens when trying to install the security update automatically, you can also try to install the stand-alone package.

Also, it is not clear yet if this bug affects all Windows versions. Microsoft Silverlight KB3182373 update is available for all Windows supported releases, but the issue has so far been reported only by Windows 7 users.

However, 5 users already confirmed they encountered the same installation issue when trying to install KB3182373, and the forum thread where the bug was first reported has been viewed by tens of users.

We’ll keep an eye on Microsoft’s forum and will update this article as soon as new information is available.



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