Windows 10 update triggers unpleasant surprises

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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You just installed the optional Windows 10 updates that became available on January 29, 2020. Your PC was doing fine before the installation, but now you have no sound. If your sound card were the problem, the other source, the HDMI cable, would be working fine, but it’s not.

You go to “Device Manager” and see that the audio hardware and its drivers seem fine. It’s not just you! Many other Windows 10 users are reporting all manner of problems with their PCs after installing the KB4532695 update.

Extended boot times

Besides losing sound, your PC may also take longer than usual to boot after installing the update, as one user complained in the Microsoft Community forum.

Installed this in an Intel NUC8i3BEH and encountered very slow boot times. Windows would get stuck at splash or welcome screen for around 5 minutes. I deinstalled this update and reinstalled twice, with the same results. It is now deinstalled.

Display and connectivity issues

Another user lamented that the recent installation caused their extended laptop display to stop working. The problem did not go away even after changing the HDMI cable, rebooting, or updating drivers.

But the situation is direr for users who cannot access the internet after installing the KB4532695 files. One such user regrets updating only for their internal and external WiFi adaptors to stop working. That means no internet connectivity.

Windows 10 PC users unable to access the internet cannot tap into online help or resources that may help to restore their system to its pre-update state. Still, some of those who can connect to the web are reporting extremely slow speeds.

Cumulative update meant to fix critical Windows 10 issues

Microsoft released the optional update to address multiple glitches in Windows 10 (versions 1903 and 1909).

For version 1903, the update enhances Windows Hello, a biometric facial recognition feature in Windows 10. It also improves searching in Windows by eliminating a grey box that appears when you’re looking up something within Control Panel and File Explorer.

One of the issues the update fixes for version 1909 is the inability of the Search Bar on File Explorer to capture user input.

This is not the first or last time a Windows 10 update causes unpleasant surprises. Last year, users complained of their PCs rebooting randomly after installing a patch for the OS.

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