5 best USB Type-C motherboards to use [2020 Guide]

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5The black carbon design of this motherboard is inspired from the racing cars world where the speed, performance and strength are the only things that really matter. In the gaming world, we find the same principles. Let’s talk about a component that will upgrade your gaming experience and which will make you proud for your decision of buying this.

Customize your motherboard to your computer design

This motherboard comes with LED insertions on different areas and through the Mystic Light feature you can select any color from a palette of more than 16 million elements to match your systems’ design. The color is adjusted through a dedicated application which is available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Performant and stable memory

The traditional memory design may cause often slowness and instability not because they have a poor quality but because their signal can be distorted by the electromagnetic signals of other components. MSI has introduced a new DDR4 Boost technology with isolated circuits which help the memory signal to remain pure and unchanged.

Dedicated Intel LAN

Intel LAN is a Network port optimized for championship experiences because it reduces the CPU overhead and in the same time is assuring extraordinary TCP and UDP throughput. In this way, your CPU will offer a higher efficiency level and your gaming session will have a premium quality even if are longer than usual.

Premium quality audio experience

Powered by Nahimic Sound Technology, this motherboard is providing the best audio experience thanks to the high generation components. With a decent audio set up you can obtain sharp and realistic sound even if we are talking about high frequencies.

Click BIOS 5

Click BIOS 5 is a fully optimized BIOS for Windows 10 that will tune your future system for maximum performance for every game available on the market of nowadays. It allows you to control your system in 2 modes: EZ mode, for the basic users and Advanced mode dedicated to the users that have a little more experience in this domain and therefore will be allowed access to a wider range of settings.

All in one, this component is an option that will not make you regret. You can buy this product from the official website and the price will vary depending on the country in which you will order.


3GIGABYTE components are part of a high-end pack which provides the users full support and a high level of security so the built-in features are preventing many of the most common errors and malfunctions that can be met in a everyday schedule.

This motherboard is passed through a series of stringent tests which prepares it for the most demanding buyers at the durability and compatibility chapter because professionals need high standards from their systems.

Error correcting code memory

This new feature is developed for eliminating the small data discrepancies that will prevent and almost eliminate the data corruption. The small memory chips from the RAM modules are preventing also the system crashes and are ensuring the reliability of critical applications.

High end audio capacitors

The Nichicon capacitors are well-known for the high-quality sound resolution and are providing  a better sound expansion for more realistic sound effects.

Low noise power transfer for the Digital to Analog

Fluctuations during the power transfer from the Digital to Analog can make different sounds and for most of the users can be disturbing. This motherboard comes equipped with a DAC-UP feature that is known for the isolated power source which reduces significantly these fluctuations, so most of the annoying sound will disappear during this process.

HDMI 2.0 port

Most of the movies from nowadays are shot in a 21:9 ratio and to achieve this visual experience you need HDMI connectivity. Maybe you are curious why you should want the 2.0 version. This is actually very simple. The HDMI 2.0 is compatible with earlier versions, provides a transfer rate of 18 GB/s, almost twice bigger than the 1.4 version and allows the users to transfer multiple video streams at the native resolution.

Great network connection

This motherboard comes equipped with two of the best Ethernet technologies available through 2 different ports. We are talking about Killer E2400 Gaming Network and Intel Gigabit LAN. These controllers are popular choices between gamers because are offering higher standards than the standard solutions and are helping the CPU to reduce the overhead. Intel Gigabit LAN comes also with a the Jumbo Frame support feature that facilitates the transfer of large data packages.

Strong structure

GA-X170-EXTREME ECC has an innovative ultra durable stainless steel shielding that provides it more strength in order to support the heavy graphic cards and different insertions without bending or damaging.

A complete list with technical specifications can be found here. You can also order this motherboard from Gigabyte website, but the price will depend of your country.

MSI Z97A Gaming 6

4This motherboard is designed to provides gamers the best conditions in order to fulfill all their needs and requirements without decreasing their performances and the MSI dragon illustration is offering a modern and professional design.

High quality audio experience

MSI Z97A Gaming 6 comes equipped with a personal audio technology. The MSI Audio Boost 2 has an 8-channel HD Audio setup that provides clear sound without bass distortion even at high frequencies. On the normal motherboards, the audio signal is distorted by a different electromagnetic signal from the rest of the components, but the soundcard of this motherboard has an isolated circuit with a red LED path that reduces considerable the number of interferences that alters the sound quality.

 High USB power

Most of the motherboards are not able to offer a 5V power signal to the USB ports, but this component will provide to your external devices all the power that need for a professional use without any interruptions due to the poor supply.

Goodbye online gaming lag

Thanks to the Killed E2200 Networking Platform the gaming sessions will take place in real time, giving you an experience of playing synchronized with the present and this feature will allow you to use your abilities at your real standards. The concept of this technology is very simple, it establishes priorities for games and real time chat, but it will not slow down the data transfer for other applications until you use them.

Record any game at any moment

A feature that we have not met for some motherboards is the recording and editing gaming system. If you are a streamer and you have moments when you do not have access to the recording program will be glad to hear that you have a predefined feature which allows you to record without any external software which also allows you to broadcast live your gameplay on dedicated platforms.

Stronger Overclock

While most overclock dedicated software are offering an improvement of up to 5%, OC Genie 4, an integrated function of this motherboard, is able to increase processing speed by 20% which is something that cannot be overlooked because it generates a much bigger bonus for your CPU.

Optimized BIOS for the latest versions of Windows

The MSI Click BIOS 4 is a fully optimized UEFI BIOS for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 which helps your system to run smoother, reacts faster and also has a big list with different great features.

The only disadvantage of this motherboard could be the price. You can order this component from Amazon for a higher price, but we assure you that it will worth every penny.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.