Xbox users can now use existing gamer tags but there’s a catch

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Microsoft is currently working to extend Xbox Live to additional platforms. The tech giant also decided to make some changes to the gamertag naming scheme.

Many users were annoyed by the username restrictions. They wanted to use the gamer tags they want for their accounts.

However, the platform didn’t allow them to choose a user name already claimed by someone else. If you are one of those who experienced a similar situation, we have a piece of good news for you.

You can now use existing gamer tags, but with a slight modification. The platform will automatically generate an ID number that is going to be used for the unique identification of your account. The add-on ID number such as BestGuy548 will help others identify you.

This random piece of hash code will ensure your unique identity within or outside the game.

However, the hashcode will not be added to the unique gamer tags that are created for the first time.

Other services such as Discord and Steam use a similar technique in order to create unique gamer tags. In this way, users can keep their favorite gamertags for as long as they want.


Additionally, the update brings support for some new characters including Latin-1 Supplement, Bengali, Thai, Katakana, CJK Symbols for languages in China, Japan, and Korea, among other improvements.

It seems that the gaming community was eagerly waiting for this feature. One user who responded to the tweet said the following:

Please i’ve been asking for this for years!!! 13 years with xbox and they still want to charge me $10 to change it!!Guess that’s what we get foe being loyal.

Other gamers came up with their own suggestions to make this feature more useful.

Maybe give the original Gamertag owner a green symbol to let others know that this is the OG account and the rest are just imitators.

This update is currently available for Xbox Game Bar and Xbox app users. However, console and mobile app users need to wait for another year to get this feature. 

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