VAIO has a new Windows 10 smartphone on the horizon, passes Wi-Fi certification

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According to rumors, VAIO is planning to release a new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone which already passed Wi-Fi certification with the model number VPU051C11N. If the device will pass FCC tests, it will be officially released on the market.

This could be the Phone Biz, which was announced in February and which should come with an aluminum body, a 5.5-inch screen, 16GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM. Rumors also claim that VAIO is planning to release its Phone Biz globally, although the manufacturer has said the opposite, announcing that it has no intentions to bring the device to the US.

The Phone Biz isn’t the first device reported to have gone through benchmarks and tests. Last year, we heard about the Quanta MTP8952, a phone with a 4.7-inch Full HD screen, an octa-core Qualcomm (ARMv7) 615 processor backed by Adreno 405 graphics and 2GB of RAM. This mystery mid-range device was listed on the 14th October and since then, we haven’t heard about it again.

Now, it’s hard to say if the device that has passed the Wi-Fi Certification is actually the new Phone Biz or the Quanta. While VAIO hasn’t made any official announcement yet, we know the Phone Biz should house a Snapdragon 617 chipset with an octa-core processor backed by 3GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable memory. The camera on the back is expected to support 13MP and the front shooter is 5MP, like most new smartphones. As for the battery, its capacity is 2800mAh, a little small for its 5.5-inch screen. The device is expected to come with a price tag of $430.



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