The Vaio C15 Windows 10 laptop is a colorful yet generic mess

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Vaio is back in the business of making laptops, just without the Sony branding attached. That’s not stopping the company from designing great looking devices to tempt us to throw down all our cash.

For some odd reason, the company’s newest Windows 10 laptop — the C15 — looks overly generic, despite being a mid-range laptop that comes in multiple colors: Yellow/Black, White/Copper, Navy/Gray and Orange/Khaki.

Vaio makes it possible for users to configure the system to fit their needs. Consumers can configure a version with an HD or full HD display with anti-glare. It is also possible to tuck in a regular hard disk drive or even a hybrid hard disk drive. Potential buyers can choose between an Intel Celeron CPU 3215U running at 1.7GHz and Core i3-5005U running at 2GHz.

Users have two options to choose from when it comes to RAM. Either 4GB or 8GB. There’s no option for 12 or 16, but wouldn’t that be an overkill for this type of machine?

The Vai0 C15’s price begins at $640 and is available for pre-order right now in Japan. When will it come to the west? Well, we’ll let you know when the information is available. Then again, seeing as how this thing is all colorful, it is more suited for Asia than anywhere else.

This isn’t the only device in the works from Vaio. The company has a Windows 10 Mobile handset in development, and it recently passed FCC certification.




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