Vaio Phone Biz smartphone running Windows 10 now available in Japan, no confirmation for US

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Vaio introduced its first Windows 10 phone back in February and now, the Vaio Phone Biz is available for purchase in Japan. Other countries could follow but for the time being we don’t know which ones are scheduled. What we do know is that its latest phone model won’t be launched in the US.

It seems that phone manufacturers are becoming more and more interested in Microsoft’s latest OS. For example, Acer has also launched its first Windows 10 phone, the Liquid Jade Primo, available on Amazon UK for £644.35 or $939.00.

The Vaio Phone Biz is powered by a 1.50GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor with 3GB RAM and features an internal storage capacity of 16GB. The 5.5-inch full HD display offers crystal-clear images and enough space to deal with your daily work tasks. The 13MP rear camera allows you to take excellent photos and capture unique moments.

The high-end standards of laptop design has been brought to the Vaio Phone Biz. The phone fits perfectly in your hands thanks to its smooth curves and solid aluminum body. Its premium look will definitely attract the attention of many people and Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum mode will add the extra finishing touch.

Vaio Phone Biz is priced at JPY59,184/$535 compared to the JPY50,000/$430 initially announced when Sony introduced the phone to the public. Those of you who already used a Vaio laptop won’t mind paying an extra $100 — after all, quality comes with an appropriate price tag.

Vaio is not planning on stopping here. The company is working on its second Windows 10 phone that will join the Vaio Biz. Maybe this second phone will be launched in other countries given that the Vaio Biz isn’t going beyond the borders of Japan.

Vaio has also launched two business laptops, the Vaio S and Vaio Z, both of which bring top notch performance to your fingertips – a busy summer indeed for Vaio. You can buy these laptops from Vaio’s store: the Vaio S has a price tag of $1,099 while the Vaio Z costs $1,499.



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