Valve partners with Lionsgate to bring movies to Steam

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Valve’s Steam platform is becoming a place not only for video games, but also for movies. It would seem the company is planning to transform the platform into a complete entertainment hub similar to the Windows Store.

We know this because LionsGate has announced plans to distribute movies on Steam for Windows, Linux, and Mac. This is a huge step in the right direction to keep Steam relevant and stay ahead of competing platforms such as Origins and Microsoft’s own Windows Store.

We understand that over 100 films will hit the Steam store from Lionsgate with more to come. These films include titles from the popular Hunger Games franchise and much more.

“We’re delighted to partner with Steam, a leader in the digital entertainment and gaming space, as part of our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of innovation in delivering content to online audiences around the world. With over 125 million users, Steam represents a unique, exciting and disruptive opportunity to expand our global distribution business”, according to Jim Packer, President of Worldwide Television and Digital Distribution at Lionsgate.

Valve’s head of marketing, Doug Lombardi, praised Lionsgate as a major creative force with a huge pipeline of great blockbuster content in a recent statement.

His full statement is as follows:

Lionsgate has emerged as a major creative force with a deep pipeline of blockbuster franchises and commercially exciting, star-driven event films, making them important content suppliers for our platform. Their films are engaging audiences and fostering rich communities around the world, reflecting the kind of high-quality entertainment that we expect to drive the continued expansion of our content offering.”

Like the Windows Store, movies purchased from Steam are cross platform. It means if you’re on Windows and decide to switch to Linux, your movies come with you.

Valve has a long way to go before Steam can be viewed as a platform for entertainment outside of video games. It needs to partner with more movie studios, and we’re sure this will happen before the end of the year.


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