Valve launches Steam app for Windows Phone

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Steam is without a doubt the most well-known digital distribution platform on Windows. In fact, Windows 10 is the most popular operating system for Steam gamers, although the Steam was desktop exclusive on Windows for years. Fortunately, for all Steam users, the Steam app is now available on Windows Phone.

If you’re a PC gamer, you probably use Steam on a regular basis to download the latest games or to play with friends. In addition to playing games, Steam also allows you to join various gaming communities or trade in-game items with other players. Community was always a big part of Steam, so it’s a bit perplexing that Valve didn’t release the Steam app for Windows Phone sooner. In comparison, the Steam app for Android and iOS was released way back in 2012. In Valve’s defense, they were quite busy with the Destinations Workshop tool and bringing movies to Steam. In the end, we’re pleased to see that Steam is now available on Windows Phone.

What does the Steam app have to offer on Windows Phone? With it, you can trade with your friends and sell-in game items on the Steam Community Market. You can also browse Steam and check the latest promotions, sales, and games. If you find a game you like, you can download it straight to your home PC. With such a major platform like Steam, safety is a priority, therefore you’ll be pleased to know that this app also supports Steam Guard multifactor authentication.

Although the Steam app for Windows Phone sounds great, it has its share of flaws. This is an initial release with limited functionality, so don’t be surprised if some of your favorite features are missing. It’s also worth mentioning this is a Windows Phone 8.1 application, therefore it doesn’t support some features that other Windows 10 Mobile apps have, like Cortana.

Steam for Windows Phone has a few minor flaws, but nevertheless we’re excited to finally see this app available. If you want to try Steam for Windows Phone, be sure to download it from Windows Store.


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