Want to pop up on Twitter’s For You? It’ll cost you $8/month

Not many people are happy.

by Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
Rafly Gilang
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  • Twitter boss Elon Musk just rolled out a controversial policy.
  • Starting April 2023, only profiles with blue ticks will appear on For You page.
  • The subscription-based program costs at least $8/month per user.

Elon Musk, the head of Twitter, just launched a policy that sparked a heated debate on the social media app. The billionaire said that starting April 15th, 2023, only verified accounts with blue or golden verification ticks will feature on the app For You recommendation page.

The reason? In the name of combatting advanced AI bot swarms taking over. As we all know, the recent development from Microsoft and Google in the AI competition has many people worried. 

That said, it’s ok to have verified bot accounts if they follow terms of service & don’t impersonate a human.

The For You timeline page on Twitter displays tweets, media, and sometimes sponsored content from accounts that users mostly interact with on the app. The algorithm tailors these sets of recommendations based on users’ interests, and it lives near the Following tab that only showcases content from accounts that users follow.

Why has Musk’s leadership at Twitter been a series of misfortunes?

The policy is controversial for so many reasons, especially for smaller creators with great content but lacks the verification tick. Once this rule starts rolling out, they wouldn’t be able to get their content out.

Before Musk got into the position of power, only accounts of famous people and companies can get the blue tick. Now, under Twitter Blue‘s subscription service, anyone with active accounts that are older than 90 days and obey Twitter’s terms & policy can get the tick. 

This wasn’t the first time the Tesla honcho was thrown under the bus for his Twitter policy. After becoming the CEO, a massive layoff at the headquarter reportedly happened where now, only less than 2,000 people are employed compared to 7,500 before Musk. 

He also infamously promised that a public vote will roll out every time major policy changes, but it doesn’t seem like the case with this one. 

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