Official Viber Windows 10 app gets released to beta testers

by Ivan Jenic
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Viber started to roll out the beta version of its official Windows 10 app to all beta testers who signed up for the beta program. The company sent invites for testing the beta version to users, and everyone who signed up will now receive the very first version.

The app has a version number of 6.0, and it’s only available for Windows 10 Mobile, so users who want to test the app on their Windows 10 computers will have to wait a little more. Viber didn’t say anything about when the PC version will be released, but we assume it probably won’t take too long until it gets released, as well.

Users who already tested it reported that the app works exceptionally fine, with just a few occasional bugs. However, this is expected since the app is still in beta, and this is the very first version released to testers. So, once testers finish with testing the app, and development team polishes it, we should get a stable, well-functioning Viber client for Windows 10.

Official Viber Windows 10 app finally sees the daylight

We remind you that Viber already has its app in the Windows Store on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. But, these apps were designed for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and Viber, like the majority of other developers and companies, decided to build a brand new Windows 10 app, instead of just improving the existing one.  The obvious reason for this is making a cross-platform app, which syncs data between all Windows 10-powered devices.

Viber announced its new Windows 10 app arguably a year ago, but we had to wait until now for it to be released. And even after Viber released the new Windows 10 app, most users still can’t use it, as it needs to go through the beta testing phase.

Viber didn’t say when the official Windows 10 app will be available to the general public, but we’ll make sure to let you know as soon as that happens. Until then, if you’re a beta tester of the official Windows 10 Viber app, you can tell us in the comments about your impressions about the earliest version.

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