Viber strenghtens security through end-to-end encryption, cryptography keys and hidden chats

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Viber has given users more control over their private conversations through end-to-end encryption, hidden chats and message deletion. This is excellent news for more than 700 million Viber users who can now communicate more securely on the messaging service.

Thanks to the end-to-end encryption, risk that Viber messages be intercepted  is very low, irrespective of the conversation type or the device people are using – whether it is in a one-to-one or group message, on a call, on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Apart from the end-to-end encryption, an individual cryptography key is associated with the user’s device, offering them an extra layer of security. Users can manually authenticate contacts to select they are “trusted”. Then the lock color will change to green.

A red lock means there is a problem with the authentication key. This can mean that a user has changed his or her primary phone but it can also indicate a man-in-the-middle-attack. If you are sure nothing is wrong, you can simply re-trust the respective participant.

Since many users share tablets with their families or colleagues, Skype has also rolled out Hidden Chats to protect conversations from wandering eyes. This feature allows users to hide specific chats from the main screen and access them only via a PIN code.

Download the latest version of Viber, you will receive a notification when your conversations are encrypted. Viber is rolling out these security features globally over the next two weeks.

These measures definitely make conversations more secure, but won’t make messages completely private. Vulnerabilities still exist and they can be exploited by hackers, irrespective of the VoIP apps for free calls you are using, therefore the best solution is to keep confidential or security sensitive information away from social apps or social media.

Of course, don’t forget to regularly scan your system.



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