View Mixed Reality will bring virtual objects to life on any Windows 10 PC

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After tackling 3D content creation in the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is planning on bringing 3D objects to reality on any Windows PC.

Announcing View Mixed Reality

At its education event, Microsoft unveiled View Mixed Reality, a feature that will allow any Windows 10 PC to view virtual objects transposed onto real life with its camera.

Microsoft gave participants at the event a preview on what this will all mean. In the on-stage demo, View Mixed Reality was able to place a life-sized version of the Curiosity Rover on stage and allowed the public to compare the lifelike model to other objects and people nearby. Like this, the possibilities are endless: students can enjoy a very real trip to space while homeowners can try out new additions to the home easily — just to name a few.


What’s even more impressive is how View Mixed Reality will work with any Windows 10 PC as long as the device comes equipped with an RGB camera. (Any webcam will work for this.) This is immense for anyone interested in trying out and experimenting with mixed reality and is the most useful for schools where affordable and low-specced PCs are currently the norm.

If we consider the arrival of the $189 Windows 10 Education PCs from Microsoft on their way, all we can do is enjoy the good news and wait for more interesting information. Until then, we’re letting you know that View Mixed Reality will become available in Windows 10 starting this fall.



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