Virtual desktop

A virtual desktop is a software tool that organizes and declutters the desktop. It’s a great way for PC users to improve their productivity by creating multiple virtual desktops to easily navigate applications and desktop shortcuts. Check out the best virtual desktop software to learn more.

In business, a virtual desktop refers to a software program that facilitates cloud virtualization services for desktops and tools. As such, enterprise users can setup scalable and flexible environments. Examples include Windows Virtual Desktop, Amazon WorkSpaces, and Citrix Workspace.

FAQ: Learn more about virtual desktops

  • What type of virtualization should you deploy to provide a virtual desktop infrastructure?

Server-side virtualization is ideal for businesses and corporations that wish to create an effective virtual desktop infrastructure. It’s cost-effective, saves office space, and reduces energy usage.

  • Which editions of Windows 10 support virtual desktops?

Windows 10 Home, Education, Pro, and Enterprise support virtual desktops.

  • How to use Virtual Desktop?

Here’s how you can connect to Windows Virtual Desktop fast and easy. You just need an Azure subscription.