First Preview of Visual Studio 14 now Available for Download [Direct Links]

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The first preview of Microsoft’s ‘Visual Studio 14’ development environment has been released, and you can go ahead and make use of the direct download links that have been made available just now.
download visual studio 14
The first community technology preview of the next release of Visual Studio, codenamed Visual Studio 14, has been made available for download and you can follow the links at the end of the article to get it. However, you should know that the software is only said to get a release sometime in 2015, and we don’t know whether it’ll be in the first or the second part of the year, but chances are that it could be somewhere around the next Build event.

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Download now available for the first preview of Visual Studio 14

Also, a “more complete” preview build and final naming of Visual Studio 14 will be available later in 2014, so we’ll be here to tell you when that happens, as well. Microsoft is also working on updates for Visual Studio 2013, and has even released a first preview of VS 2013 Update 3.

Visual Studio “14” Community Technology Previews (CTPs) are early, prerelease versions of the next major release of Visual Studio. CTPs provide early adopters with an opportunity to try out the new and improved product features, and the ability to share feedback with the product team. CTPs are provided for testing and feedback purposes only. CTPs are unsupported, English-only releases. They are not subject to final validation and are not intended for use on production computers, or to create production code.

Installing a CTP release will place a computer in an unsupported state. For that reason, we recommend only installing CTP releases in a virtual machine, or on a computer that is available for reformatting. Currently, Visual Studio “14” CTPs have known compatibility issues with previous releases of Visual Studio and should not be installed side-by-side on the same computer.

  • Download Visual Studio Professional – webISO
  • Remote Toolsx86, x64, ARM
  • Visual Studio SDKexe

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