Vivaldi Browser now supports mouse gestures and blocks pesky animations

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Vivaldi browser’s 1.11 update brings a bevy of interesting new features to the table, including mouse gesture support. The Vivaldi browser was conceived with the promise of offering a powerful browser for the advanced users. The new version of Vivaldi offers better accessibility features along with other features as well.


The primary features added in the Vivaldi iterative upgrade include improvised reader mode, control animations on sites in a much better way and a new feature that lets the user adjust the mouse sensitivity. Animations on the internet are not exactly something new but they have been distracting nevertheless.

Animations usually distract the users since from the text of the images on the website. Vivaldi offers advanced options to control animations and will also let users disable the default animations on some websites. Also, one could simply set the animations to be played only once.

Animation settings can be changed by clicking on the on the image icon which is present on the Vivaldi status bar. Here you will find the “load animations” which let you access the animation settings. The other feature we mentioned earlier is the new mouse gestures feature that will allow users to go use common actions like navigating back and forth on a web page by using gestures. By default, the sensitivity will be set to 5pixels however this can be customised.

The mouse gestures option can be accessed by heading over to Slider>Mouse>Gesture Sensitivity. Moving on, Vivaldi also claims to have improvised the browsers reading mode. Starting now the page customisation settings will be directly accessible on a page displayed in Reader Mode.

The Reader mode will now also support for custom themes, what this means is that the theme applied to the Vivaldi browser will be applied by default to the Reader Mode as well. Vivaldi users will also be able to choose a dark or a light theme for the Reader Mode. Needless to say the new update is also built over a new Chromium core and the Vivaldi logo seems to have undergone a change as well. Yet another mention worthy feature is the ability to hide the Speed Dial options. Now the Speed Dial options will be available on Settings>Start Page >Speed Dial.

For more information, check out the video below:



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