VLC Player to Soon Add Chromecast Support for Windows 8

by Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
Andrew Wafer
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One of the best and most popular media player clients that are used nowadays is VLC (Video Lan Client), a program that can smoothly run almost any type and format of video or music file on any Windows, MAC or Linux based device.vlc
But, the best is that soon VLC will also offer support for Chromecast on Windows 8 system, so you will be able to run your favorite programs and files by using Google’s own support center. The Chromecast support will be released as a future update which will be added automatically on your VLC client – this if on your Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 device you are already using the mentioned media player; else you will have to download the program from vlc.com (don’t worry, the tool is free distributed).

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VLC devs working on developing compatible software with Cromecast

Currently the Chromecast support is under development, though the project should be ready for user release pretty soon since Felix Paul Kuehne, a lead developer that stands behind the VLC platform, recently confirmed that support for Chromecast will be provided for Windows 8, Linux, iOS and also for MAC.chromecast

As you might know, Chromecast is a streaming dongle developed and offered by Google, which can be plugged in on your TV via HDMI port. With this dongle you can get a wireless gateway to video, music, photos and apps right on your TV. The best is that with Chromecast you can have access to various apps, as the devs will no longer have to bring apps and software for each TV brand, but only for the Chromecast platform – you will get something like Windows Store, or Google Play, a market from where you can download, play and enjoy all your favorite apps.

Once VLC will offer support for Chromecast on Windows 8, you will be able to use all the mentioned features right on your Windows based device and you will be able to run Chromecast apps by using VLC and no other additional media player. So far, there is no clue on when the update will be provided, but we are expecting an official statement related to this aspect during the following days, so stay close.

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