Developers confirm VLC Media Player beta for Windows 10 is in the works

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Recently, we posted that VLC would be releasing its media player for Windows 10 in the near future, and that is not a lie. Developers are working hard on the app and we believe it will likely launch with many of the features found in the Win32 version we all have come to love over the years.

J B Kempf, one of the developers working on the VLC media player app for Windows 10, posted an update about the app’s development and what potential users should expect when the beta launches.

He says the current version has most of the features found on the Android and iOS versions, and that is something we have to applaud. Furthermore, he went on to add that there’s some form of integration with Cortana, though we are not certain how much the Microsoft voice assistant can interact with the app.

When it comes down to dragging and dropping files, this can be done, but only if the operating system is in tablet mode.

Here’s what he had to say in full:

The WinRT port was extremely busy, these past two weeks.

Indeed, we are preparing a beta version named 1.9.0, that would prepare for the first true UWP version, that will be named 2.0.0.

We’ve added most of the features that you usually see on the Android and iOS versions of VLC, notably UPnP and network shares browsing, support for HTTPS and adaptive streaming, better hardware decoding, dialogs support, as many codecs as the desktop version, and so on.

Moreover, the engine use the runtime 12.0_app instead of the 11.0 one we used on the WinRT version.

On the UI side, we now support correctly Windows 10 integration, with Cortanadrag and droptablet mode and a lot of fixes so that the application looks responsive enough on all the devices, from mobileto the Xbox 1. We polished this UI and fixed a few important regressions, notably on the playback and the thumbnailer.

The application is currently in private beta mode, so that the biggest issues are fixed before opening it up.

We’re glad to see the VLC Media Player app for Windows 10 coming along so nicely. When it is available, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One gamers will also get the chance to take it for a spin.


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