What is a VOB file?

what is a VOB file

What is a VOB file?

VOB (Video Object) is actually a container format in DVD-Video media.

Used to store digital video, digital audio, subtitles, DVD menus, and other navigation contents multiplexed together into a stream form, this container is typically located in the VIDEO_TS folder at the root of the DVD.

Since they act as support providers, VOB files are usually formatted as MPEG-2 system streams, but they can also come in MP2, DTS, and AC3 formats.

How to deal with VOB files?

VOB files are generally not well supported by the built-in media players on Windows or Mac running PCs. This is where third-party software comes into play, helping with the conversion into a more readable format.

However, picking a good tool from the plethora of decrypting programs available can also be a tricky task due to copyright protection, and heavy encryption. Thus, extracting or copying the file into a different location can easily generate corruption issues.

There are, fortunately, a few compatible players built to run a variety of file types that can handle different video formats including VOB files.

Here’s a handful of guides that you might find useful when dealing with VOB files:

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