Minecraft Live is your chance to choose their next mob

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  • Minecraft Live is around the corner and you'll play an important role in choosing the next mob.
  • Make your decision between a unique sea creature, an ice pillager, and a four-legged flower.
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Pick a new Minecraft mob during Minecraft Live

Minecraft announced their next big event – the streaming of Minecraft Live. This will take place on Saturday, October 3rd, at 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT on a selection of official platforms.

In spite of not revealing any specific details on the actual broadcast format, we do know a few things about what’s to come.

For example, viewers will have the chance to vote for a new Minecraft mob during the streaming. Since the event will take place remotely, you’ll have to log on to Twitter and vote in the poll.

Which are the Minecraft mobs that you can pick from?

Minecraft vote mobs

There’s only one vote for each of you and no less than three tempting choices, including a bioluminescent sea creature, an ice pillager, and a four-legged flower.

  • Glow Squid was added to the Minecraft Earth app in February of this year. As a shiny swimmer, it stays in deep waters and it drops ink sacs. However, chances are that the glowing version may also turn into a surface world source of Glowstone. Therefore, give it your vote of confidence!
  • Iceologer is a hostile mob who made its appearance in the recently released Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Creeping Winter. With a hilarious mission to summon large blocks of ice to drop on players’ heads, it seems to be the ideal choice if you dream of endless snowball fights with a stunning view.
  • Moobloom was previously seen in Minecraft Earth. This time, though, there’s a variant of the Mooshroom in the cards, with flowers instead of fungi.

Mojang most likely has resources ready for all three mobs, yet your vote will determine which one is coming first.

The runners-up have their chance to join the base game in future updates, yet are will willing to let others make the call for you?

PlayStation Minecrafters get VR support

Besides the usual details regarding future updates, the latest news on the game itself, and an interactive mobs vote, you’ll also be able to choose between two VR modes in the near future.

They include Immersive and Living Room on PlayStation, along with the option to tweak your VR settings for increased comfort.

Even if the usual Minecraft Festival has been delayed to an as-yet-unknown 2022 date, don’t hesitate to enjoy the upcoming live event.

You’ll have a chance to pick your favorite mob and prove your skills at handling VR.

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