Best VPNs for Dark Souls III for Windows 10 [2020 Guide]

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Dark Souls II, III VPN

Dark Souls is an online action based game which is developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai software games. The award winning game was released in 2014 with the sequel Dark Soul 3 released in 2016.

Players choose between playing in other player’s game world or player versus player scenario by invading other player’s world. The game is known for being difficult as game’s difficulty is adjusted by mechanics built into the game.

In addition, Dark Souls is popular with thousands of online players and uses dedicated multiplayer servers to cater for the huge player base.  This can lead to server clogging which can cause connection issues if your internet connection is not fast and reliably.

VPN helps to provide solutions to these issues by offering secure and fast connection to Dark soul servers. Windows Report team has compiled this list of the best VPN software for Dark Soul gaming.

Best VPNs for Dark Souls II and III


CyberGhost (recommended)

vpn for dark souls 2 3

This best VPN for Dark Souls 2 and 3 gives a user-friendly interface with rich VPN features. This tool offers over 1200 servers in 60 countries which allow for flexibility to choose which server is suitable for your gaming needs. As CyberGhost own their servers there is no need to worry about server reliability issues as they give steady internet speed and performance.

In addition, CyberGhost reroutes all your connections through their servers with all data coming into or out of your system is encrypted with AES-256 protection. They adhere to a no-logs policy which means your information is not stored on their servers.

Furthermore, CyberGhost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with their premium plans starting at $12 per month which is billed annually.

Why choose CyberGhost?
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  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Over 5600 servers worldwide
  • Great price plans
  • Excellent support

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NordVPN (suggested)

vpn dark souls 2 3

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs among Dark Souls 2 and 3 gamers. They offer over 3000 servers in 60 across the world. This VPN has a clean friendly interface with one click; the VPN selects the fastest connection closest to your connection.

In addition, NordVPN gives secured and fast connection through their servers and connects easily to the Dark Souls 2 and 3 servers. The VPN uses 256-bit encryption and features anti-DNS leak features which ensure secure connection while gaming.

The basic pricing plan comes at $11 monthly which is billed annually.

Get it now
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  • Military-grade encryption
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Great for streaming

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Hotspot Shield

vpn dark souls 2 3

Hotspot Shield is a popular VPN provider which scores highly in VPN tests.  There are more than 1800 servers located worldwide. Their software is simple to use with a clean interface.

This VPN for Dark souls 2 and 3 has a quick server speed which is ideal for Dark Soul servers which gives reliability and improved gameplay experience. The servers are secured with 256-bit encryption which ensures your information doesn’t leak out to hackers or snoops.

In addition, Hotspot Shield has a free VPN service, though it is not advisable to use as its filled with ads and not secured. The premium plans cost $5.99 billed annually with 30-day money back guarantee.

Free VPN
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  • Military-grade encryption
  • Connect up to 5 devices
  • Automatic kill switch

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HideMyAss (HMS)


vpn dark souls 2 3HideMyAss is a popular VPN service provider with decent VPN services. HideMyAss has over 700 servers in over 360 locations in 90 countries making it one of the best VPN for Dark Souls 2 and 3. This massive server location gives gamers an array of server choices to choose from.

In addition, HMS Supports OpenVPN, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) VPN protocols

This VPN for Dark Souls 2 and 3 gives good server speeds and your information is kept secure within their servers. The major problem leveled against HideMyAss is they keep user data logs which make it not attractive to users that desire full privacy.

HMS basic plan starts at $6.99 monthly billed annually, with a 30-day guarantee.

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vpn dark souls 2 3

TunnelBear has been in the market for a while and offers good VPN services. The VPN is easy to setup and provides quality features.

In addition, TunnelBear has servers in 20 countries this may seem limited, but these countries are strategically placed and include US, France, Australia, Singapore. Dark Soul gamers can access the game server from any of the locations offered by TunnelBear.

Moreover, the server speeds are quite good though not overly impressive but coupled with its steady connection makes it a good option for dark soul gamers.

TunnelBear comes with a monthly fee of $5 billed annually.

Download TunnelBear

Should you encounter any issues while using TunnelBear, the following troubleshooting guides may help you fix them:


Private Internet Access


vpn dark souls 2 3When it comes to the best VPN for Dark Souls that gives cheap prices coupled with excellent VPN features, Private Internet Access excels in this field. PIA offers VPN service that encrypts your browsing and helps to keep your privacy from hackers and your internet service provider.

PIA boasts of about 2500 servers in over 28 countries worldwide. This numbers exceed most of its competitors and give you unlimited options when accessing Dark Souls servers. The servers possess good server speed which ensures you have optimum gameplay experience while using this VPN.

PIA plans start at a bargain $3.35 a month which is billed annually.


In conclusion, using any of the six mentioned VPN services gives you reliable and fast connection to improve your overall gameplay of Dark Souls 2 and 3. Let us know your experience when you use any of the VPNs we mentioned above for Dark Souls 2 and 3. Feel free to comment below.


Editor’s note: this article has originally been published on Apr 23, 2018 and has since been updated to reflect the freshness of the products and software described.