7 best VPN services to watch British TV anywhere you go

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VPN watch British TV

For most travelers, spending time away from family and friends can be tough, but to add to that is the fact that you cannot watch your favorite television programs while online because of geo-restrictions on content.

Lovers of British channels such as BBC, Sky Go, ITV, NowTV and others are geo-restricted or blocked in countries like the USA, Australia, Spain, UAE and even Canada. This leads many Brits and others who are addicted to British TV content to use geo-spoofing services such as VPNs or Smart DNS proxies.

A VPN will let you watch your favorite British TV shows while boosting your online privacy so no one can find you or track your activity.

Be sure to find a VPN that can unblock majority of British TV, with high encryption levels, fast speeds for seamless streaming, and great customer support for when you need assistance.

If you’re one of those who need to unlock your favorite British shows and bypass geo-restrictions, check out the best VPN service to watch British TV from our top picks below.

Best VPN service to watch British TV in 2018


CyberGhost VPN (recommended)

best vpn service to watch british tv

You can use a free VPN service or pay for a premium one to watch British TV, and CyberGhost VPN offers everything you need to access your favorite content, whether you want to pay for it or stream for free.

With CyberGhost, your computer will appear as if it is located in the UK, when you’re really not, and it works well for channels like Sky go and BBC iPlayer as well. Once you’re connected using this best VPN to watch British TV, it places your computer in a country automatically, but you can change this and select your desired location, and then stream the content.

Streaming TV providers are always on the look out to spot IP addresses that are used by VPNs as endpoints, but CyberGhost is ahead of these as it regularly changes these endpoint IP addresses to stay ahead of detection attempts.

You can also stream using CyberGhost on other devices like your mobile phone so you won’t have to miss any of your favorite British TV shows.


NordVPN (suggested)

best vpn service to watch british tv

This VPN is growing very fast to become one of the tops and best VPN service to watch British TV. It is Panama-based meaning they promote internet without censorship or surveillance owing to their no mandatory data retention laws – but they don’t compromise on speeds and no-log policies.

It uses double-encrypted tunnels so you’re double sure of protection and privacy, plus their over 1300 dedicated servers across 61 countries globally means you’ll always get a server even if the one you were using is down.

NordVPN has a clear interface, with other must-have features essential for any user like Kill-Switch, dedicated IP addresses, double-VPN for double protection, and Tor software for ultimate protection.

For ultra-fast connection, NordVPN offers the fastest servers so you can stream HD or play games online. However, its monthly subscription is pricey, but it is user-friendly and allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.



surfshark logoLove streaming? Consider Surfshark! It’s known for its fast speeds and attention to security and privacy. If you are interested in watching British TV by using a security-minded VPN service, Surfshark is an excellent choice. You’ll be able to access a secure server that masks your local IP address and provides you with one that will hide your identity.

This service is highly reliable, and you can access help from the VPN 24/7 if needed. Their no-logs policy, AES 256-bit encryption, IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols make your connection private and anonymous.

You also have access to over 800 servers, which are located in more than 50 countries. You can use an unlimited number of devices on a number of platforms, which gives you a great amount of flexibility.

Pricing for Surfshark is separated into three options. The cheapest plan is $1.99 per month for a two-year plan, which is one of the best when compared to other VPN services. You can also pay $11.95 every month or choose the yearly plan, which is $5.99 per month.


Hotspot Shield


best vpn service to watch british tv

Unless you have the best VPN service to watch British TV, you’ll be out of luck when outside the country as you won’t have any access due to geo-blocking. But with Hotspot Shield VPN, it is so easy to work around these restrictions and fool the servers into thinking you’re in the UK.

This VPN has hundreds of servers in different countries globally, the UK included, and so you can connect to one of these servers and get an IP address that’s based in Britain, thus fooling the content filter so you can access British TV anywhere in the world.

Hotspot Shield VPN has plenty of servers in the UK, ensuring you can connect to British TV content, at fast speeds, because no one likes streaming content while it buffers.

Some of the benefits this VPN gives is secure connections from anywhere, data encryption, private and anonymous browsing (zero-log policy), protection from over 3.5 million malicious sites, connect up to five devices simultaneously, and top speeds.

You can use the free version and get open access to the Internet, without compromising on safety or privacy.

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best vpn service to watch british tv

This VPN is quite old in the market, but it is very popular among users of virtual private network services. It is known for its high speed connections and vast coverage in different countries, plus it comes with user-friendly apps on many platforms.

Like other best VPN service to watch British TV options, this too has servers in Britain so you’re sure of accessing British TV with an assigned IP address, using the easiest software no matter your level of tech knowledge. Anyone can install and watch UK television in minutes.

It is also reliable, and your internet speeds remain consistent while you stream HD shows, plus you can reach out to their tech support if you need any assistance as they’re available 24/7. Your logs are not recorded as it has a strict zero-logs policy, and your privacy is protected with encryption.

ExpressVPN also has native, intuitive apps and extensions available on Chrome and Firefox. However, it is more expensive than other VPNs, and doesn’t have a built-in firewall.

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best vpn service to watch british tv

This VPN service has servers located in the UK so it is one of the best VPN service to watch British TV if you’re abroad. It streams pretty well, with unlimited bandwidth plus 24/7 live chat so you can share your queries or troubleshooting issues.

It is Israeli founded, since 2013, and has grown leaps and bounds to be where it is now as a privacy software, offering great features such as amazing speeds, strong encryption, and self-managed premium services.

SaferVPN is ideal for casual users as it has a strict zero-logs policy for more privacy, attractive performance, native apps, and lets you connect up to 4 device simultaneously, while protecting all under one subscription or account.

It is simple and easy to use with fast installation, plus it can be used to download torrents as it allows the use of P2P protocol, and offers Kill Switch, and automatic WiFi security, among other features. It doesn’t have a built-in firewall and DNS leak protection or IP binding.

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best vpn service to watch british tv

This is a Swiss-owned VPN serviced developed by Golden Frog company that’s big on privacy, security and access to free and open internet.

VyprVPN is the best VPN service to watch British TV as it offers advantages such as fast DNS because their servers are privately owned and non-monitored, zero censorship, and you won’t have DNS blocks with this VPN.

Other features include NAT firewall to block external connections, Kill Switch, native apps for mobile, simple and user-friendly interface, and fast server selection. This VPN isn’t recommended if you intend to download torrents or P2P as it isn’t torrent-friendly due to its log policy.

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Which VPN service will you use to watch British TV? Or which one do you currently use and it probably didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. We want to be sure that our list has the best products that will fit your needs.