Best VPNs without registration for Windows 10 [2021 Guide]

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  • VPN services are very popular nowadays since they help you cove ryour digital tracks.
  • For added safety, some of you may be looking for VPNs that don't require registration.
  • We've compiled a list of such VPNs, and we will be looking over them with both pros and cons.
  • That being said, go ahead and check out the best registration-free VPNs.
VPN no registration

A VPN in general offers numerous benefits including security, fast servers, and avoiding geotargeting.

Typically, a VPN, especially a paid service, requires a user to register and sign up. Signing up for a VPN service can seem like an inconvenient task, especially for users who just want quick access to a VPN.

Thankfully, there are free VPN services that do not require registration to use.

How to find free, no-registration-required VPN services that are trustworthy? Well, the list below will show you the best VPN services that do not require email registration.

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VPN software without registration


Hide.Me VPN

HideMe offers excellent download speeds, high-quality encryption technologies, and a user-friendly client. None of your information will be shared with third parties. There will be no logging, and no registration is required for free users.

At first, HideMe sounds like the perfect free VPN and it really is. However, the free edition of HideMe gives you access to just 3 locations. Furthermore, you are only given a10 GB limit of data transfer.

Therefore, I recommend HideMe only if you are looking to use a VPN for a very short period of time.

Update: Hide.Me VPN got some improvements for its free version and here is a quick list of what changed:

  • Now 5 server locations for free version: Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, US East, and US West
  • Unlimited bandwidth for the free version – blazing fast speeds
  • Without a registration – absolutely zero confidential data operated will cover your digital tracks wherever you go, whatever online content you try accessing. Try it today and stay secure online!

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TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear encrypts your Internet connection to keep your online activity private on any network. In addition, it will work silently in the background to secure your data.

Here are its main features:

  • Password and data theft protection
  • Access to global content and bypass local censorship (by changing your virtual location)
  • Protection of your privacy online (by preventing IP-based tracking)
  • Internet browsing from 23 countries
  • Designed for speed
  • 256-bit AES encryption by default

Security bonus: TunnelBear is the only VPN in the world to publish regular and independent security audits.

Independently audited code
tunnelbear official logo webiste
  • Stop password and data theft
  • Access global content
  • Engineered for speed
  • Bypass local censorship


Proton VPN

It’s a broadband Swiss VPN that protects your privacy.

Here are its main features:

  • Secure Core (user traffic via the Secure Core network is routed to privacy-friendly countries like Switzerland and Iceland. Even a compromised VPN terminal won’t reveal your real IP address.)
  • Encrypted traffic (which cannot be captured and decrypted, even if an encryption key is compromised in the future)
  • Zero logs policy (your Internet activity is not monitored, therefore it is impossible to disclose this information to third parties)
  • Tor over VPN (ProtonVPN also integrates the Tor anonymity network)
  • P2P sharing
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Professional assistance
  • Up to 10 connected devices

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In conclusion, a VPN without registration certainly has its advantages, as they tend to be easier and more convenient to use. These editions also tend to be free.

And many people turn to free VPNs without registration to unblock streaming services like Netflix. For example, you can use Hola VPN for Netflix.

However, free VPN services do lack a good deal of important and essential features that a premium VPN typically offers.

For example, Mullvad VPN is a premium solution that doesn’t require registration. Instead, it generates a random account number to ensure your anonymity. As such, some users turn to Mullvad VPN for Netflix.

An alternative to using VPN apps that don’t require signup is to set up a VPN between two computers, but that’s a more tedious task that requires advanced skills. You’re better off with a commercial VPN client.

If you are looking for a well-rounded premium VPN service that offers high security combined with fast servers, then you should check out CyberGhost. It’s the perfect option if you want to upgrade from a free VPN.

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Your connection is not secure - websites you visit can find out your details:

  • Your IP
  • Your IP Address:

Companies can sell this information, alongside your location and internet provider name, and profit from it by serving targeted ads or monitoring your data usage.

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Private Internet Access, a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.