Watch Dogs 2 issues on Xbox One let down many players

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Computer hacking fans from all over the world now have the opportunity to set their imagination free at no risks. Watch Dogs 2 is now available on the Xbox One console, and will hit Windows PCs on November 29.

The game lets you play as Marcus, a brilliant young hacker, and join DedSec, a notorious hacker group. Your main tasks is to execute the biggest hack of history without getting caught.

Xbox One owners who already got their hands on Watch Dogs 2 have also encountered a series of technical issues that limit their gaming experience. Hopefully, these bugs will get fixed before the PC version of the game is released.

Watch Dogs 2 bugs on Xbox One

Watch Dogs 2 sound cuts off

Gamers report that in-game sound often cuts off for a couple of seconds when they’re playing. This bug doesn’t affect the cutscenes. For the time being, there is no workaround available to solve this problem.

Since I started playing, there’s been a bug with the sound. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing ingame, but the sound just cuts off for 2-3 seconds. Only when I’m actually playing, not in the cutscenes from what I’ve seen.

Watch Dogs 2 updates won’t download

Many gamers can’t update their Watch Dogs 2 game due to an error message saying that the console isn’t connected to the Internet. Players confirm their Internet connection is functional, and those who already contacted Xbox Support say the support engineers acknowledged there are indeed issues with Watch Dogs 2 on Xbox. They are working on it with Ubisoft.

has anyone else on XB1 had issues updating their WD2 game? mine keep saying my XB1 isn’t connected to the internet so i can’t DL the update but i clearly am connected via hardwire, whats up with this? great way to launch a game, if anyone else has the same problem is there a way you got your game to work?

Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t fit TV screen

Players complain that when they load up the game on their Xbox One, sometimes the resolution doesn’t fit their TV. More specifically, the sides of the display are cut off, limiting some of the minimap.

I got the same issue. The game does not fit the TV screen. I checked my Xbox one’s parameters, but I have not found any solution… even in my TV parameters. Other games are running very well, with a good screen fitting. It needs a patch perhaps ?

As a workaround, you can change your TV settings from “Fullscreen” to “Original”. However, this solution doesn’t work for all users.

Watch Dogs 2 won’t download

Hundreds of gamers complain they can’t download Watch Dogs 2. The game itself is not available for download, only the two DLCs can be downloaded. It appears that the problem lies in the bundle content from the Windows store (Gold and Deluxe), the game isn’t in the bundles. All the other bundles show the game and the bonuses. Ubisoft acknowledged the issue and is investigating it.

Same here I purchased the Gold Edition and it only downloads the 2 packs but no game . . Microsoft pretty much did everything they could do refunded my money so I purchased it again still having the same issue they told me to contact Ubisoft about the issue because apparently there’s a lot more people having this same issue. . .

Watch Dogs 2 weapon/emote wheels switched

Some gamers also report that the weapon and emote wheels changed by themselves, limiting their game control. More specifically, weapons are now on the emote wheel, which prevents players from changing to them while driving because they can’t use emotes when driving.

[…] some of my weapons and emotes have changed wheels. For instance my Emote wheel looks has my handgun in the top slot, and my stun gun in the slot just to left of it. […] Because my weapons are now on my emote wheel, I cannot change to them while driving because you can’t use emotes while driving. Technically they’re emotes now because they’re on the emote wheel. In fact, I can’t select the weapons on the emote wheel, and I can’t select the emotes on the weapon wheel. Everything that has changed to a different wheel is now inaccessible to me.

Ubisoft is currently investigating this wheel bug. For the time being, there is no workaround available to solve this problem.

The Private Eye pack is missing

Ubisoft promised that the Private Eye pack would be available on Day 1, but many gamers complain the pack is nowhere to be seen. As a quick reminder, the Private Eye is a free customization pack available for all players. The pack contains a complete set of clothing items ,as well as custom vehicle job paints. Ubisoft has yet to issue any comments on this missing pack.

These are the most common Watch Dogs 2 bugs reported by gamers. As you can see, for the majority of these issues, there is no workaround available. Most likely, Ubisoft will soon release an update to fix all the bugs listed above.

Have you already played Watch Dogs on your Xbox One console? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.