Watch Dogs 2 Hi-Res Texture Pack won’t install on Uplay, gamers complain

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Many Watch Dogs 2 fans report they can’t install the High-Resolution Texture Pack on Uplay. The pack promises to put your graphics card to work, but many players can’t seem to get it to work.

The role of the Hi-Res Texture Pack is to enhance the level of detail found in the game to deliver a higher fidelity experience.

Gamers can’t install the Watch Dogs 2 Hi-Res Texture Pack on Uplay

Yeah. Same here. Got the Uplay version, no Hi-res texture pack. Although it says I got it, it’s saying “not installed” but there’s nothing to activate it though.

Other gamers believe this package shouldn’t be downloaded on Steam because “Steam does absolutely nothing except launch UPLAY then just sits running in the background doing absolutely nothing. So congratulations on make a game that already has it’s own DRM, now require a second DRM for absolutely no reason at all.

Some gamers also suggest that Uplay users should try downloading the High-Resolution Texture Pack from the DLC tab of the game launcher, not from inside the game menu.

As a quick reminder, you’ll need to have more than 6GB VRAM available if you want to use the Watch Dogs 2 High-Resolution Texture Pack. If you have a dual GPU system, both video cards will need to have 6GB or more of VRAM.

Ubisoft confirms that the High-Resolution Texture Pack should be available for all Uplay users. As stated before, there are many Watch Dogs 2 players who still can’t install the pack on their computers.

If you’ve come across a workaround to fix this issue, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.


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People have their reasons, i used steam, because it’s already on my OS, uplay isn’t. I don’t wanna have 5 games with 5 downloaders.

But his point is that you’ll have to use Uplay + Steam do play the game, you don’t have a choice. And in case you want to lend you account for a relative or friend, you would need to give the 2 accounts not just steam or uplay.

Don’t even bother with that people man, you nailed it the first time around, “Steam Whore” Behavior. You had me laughing so bloody hard on that one bud:) Besides they shouldn’t be supporting Ubi$oft and their Always-Online Rubbish anyways. Leave them be to their misery. Apparently no one works hard for their money anymore. *SMH*…

I have several games on uplay and its not a steam, but a good client anyway and their costumer support is good (while steam has none). The always online bulshit will backfire for sure, but they had some stuff like the DLC for R6 Siege and long term support, the patch 1.4 for The Division and the smooth launch for Watchdogs 2. Even with the bad rep for all those years, their games are mostly good and they seem to be on the right path, lets hope they keep on that path and drop this always online bullshit and are able to fight the that other company that is trying to take over.

The only reason I see to get it on steam other than the “steam whore” behavior is an eventual sale were you get it cheaper on steam since the uplay sale a usually weak compared to steam or third party stores like GMG, G2A, etc.