Microsoft fixes critical WDRT bug blocking the tool

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Windows Device Recovery Tool

Microsoft confirmed that the Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) download is once again available for Windows 10 Mobile users.

A few days ago, the Windows Device Recovery Tool was not available for download to the users. The reason was reported to be a temporary glitch that forced Microsoft to pull down download links for Windows Device Recovery Tool.

As a resultm users who were using Windows Phones and first-generation HoloLens devices were not able to recover their devices.

Moreover, the current users who already had WDRT were also not able to use the tool as Microsoft’s firmware servers were also down at that time.

There was no official announcement from Microsoft about the issue and the bug was identified by many social media users.

A lot of speculations started on the social media website Twitter soon after the removal of the tool.

Some of them said that the removal is temporary while others declared it to be pulled down forever. Out of panic most of the users started raising the issue on social media contacting various sources.

Windows Device Recovery Tool
As of writing this article, the Windows Device Recovery Tool is now available for download. Microsoft has confirmed that the tool is now available to the users.

If you don’t know what WDRT is, well, this is a desktop recovery tool for HoloLens and Windows Phone device. WDRT is actually a freeware Windows phone recovery app that is used by most of the users to reset and recover their phone software.

All the data that is currently stored on your device will be deleted if you use the tool. You can expect to loose call history, text messages,  photos and music etc. It is recommended that you should backup your data before using resetting your phone.

Following this issue, some of the users might be worried about the permanent removal of thr Windows Device Recovery Tool.

They should be happy to know that Microsoft has no plans to end Windows 10 Mobile support right now. Support will be available until the end of 2019.


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