New WebTS extension allows you to quickly create web apps

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Web Template Studio makes web app develoment faster

Microsoft just announced a new extension for Visual Studio Code.

Web Template Studio simplifies web app creation

Microsoft Web Template Studio extension for vs code
Microsoft Web Template Studio is a cross-platform extension that allows users to create full-stack web applications easier and faster.

Here’s how Microsoft describes WebTS in their blog:

Web Template Studio (WebTS) is a user-friendly wizard to quickly bootstrap a web application and provides a with step by step instructions to start developing. Best of all, Web Template Studio is open source on GitHub.

WebTS is easy to use and you can generate a new project in just two clicks. Furthermore, based on community feedback, the developers added new frameworks: Angular, Vue and Flask.

So now React.js , Vue.jsAngular are supported for frontend, and Node.js and Flask for backend.

There are also several app page templates, to make app creation faster: blank page, grid page, list, master detail.

Web Template Studio is open source, and you can contribute or download it from the official link at GitHub.

Give it a try and then share your experience in the comments section below.

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