Microsoft Teams’ new tool greatly improves online meetings

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • Its not uncommon for professionals to try and recreate the same meeting options as in real-life settings.
  • Microsoft Teams is one of the most used tools for internal meetings and it has continued to grow tremendously lately.
  • The Webinar feature has been recently added and it's designed to enhance the presentation options during meetings.
  • Microsoft offers this feature free of charge and it will be included in the Office and Microsoft 365 plans.
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Starting today the Webinar feature that is designed to increase engagement during online meetings will be available in Microsoft Teams.

For many, remote work has not come without its share of challenges and difficult times. Many often complain about the difficulty of switching between several tools in order to get the job done.

If in the office you would use a room for meetings and then your office for the rest of the task, finding similar options in the online environment has not been as easy as some may think.

Luckily Microsoft has heard all that and improved Microsoft Teams with the purpose of offering its users more ways in which they can use the tool for work-related tasks.

Webinar tool in Microsoft Teams

This new Webinar feature can support up to 1,000 participants and it can scale it up to 10,000 for the view-only broadcast mode.

Even better is that there is no need to purchase the license or the product as this tool is included in the Office and Microsoft 365 plans.

As everyone already knows, Microsoft Teams is used for internal meetings but Webinars will enable it to support external facing meetings as well.

The Webinars feature comes with multiple presentation options, such as host control and even post-event report generation, personalization settings for participants, and more.

However, Microsoft is not stopping here and more capabilities are expected to be implemented:

 Coming soon, slide translation capabilities allow attendees to select their native language and automatically have slides translated for them—without changing the view for other attendees.

Moreover, the Presenter Mode will also be available later this month, according to Microsoft. Thanks to this feature presenters will be able to personalize and choose how their video feed and content appears.

Have you already tried the Webinar feature and what are your thoughts about it? Please share them in the comments section below, they are more than welcomed.

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