Wells Fargo ends support for its Windows Phone app

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Wells Fargo windows phone app

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Wells Fargo is an award-winner free bank app which you can use to manage your money non-stop from almost everywhere securely. The app has exceptional security features, and it allows your to view your account balances, the available balance and pending deposits. It provides easy money management, straightforward transfers and payments, track investments and so on with the client’s security as a priority. All this sounds great, but we have a bad piece of news for you: Wells Fargo will end support for its Windows phone app this fall.

Wells Fargo waves goodbye

Wells Fargo announced that it would pull support from its current application later during this fall. The company released an official email to its customers in which it explains that it plans to focus on delivering amazing digital experiences that their clients use the most. And for this reason, starting from October 24, they’ll stop supporting the Wells Fargo Mobile app for Windows Phone.

It looks like users can still access their account and continue to visit the website from the smartphone’s browser, and they’ll still receive a mobile-friendly experience.

This is rather odd, as last year, Wells Fargo was one of the few banking applications that proved to be loyal to the Windows phone when the company decided to launch the Windows 10 mobile app.

It’s a pity that the number of applications which pull their support for Windows 10 Mobile is increasing, and it seems that Microsoft keeps a quiet attitude about what it plans to do in the future in the phone market.

Wells Fargo app is appreciated by many users and is broadly used for its great money management tools. You still have some time left to check it out, and you can grab it from the Windows Store.



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